Spokane, WA 99202

Month: July 2020

NAS CNE Training Eat Sleep Console

Funded by NIH, MHC has developed an online CNE course for education of clinicians and parents under care for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) to support the Eat Sleep Console model of Care . The program delivers 2 CNE credits. The course provides 7 modules of education content covering information from the Epidemiology of NAS/NOWS to…
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NAS Electronic Bedside Platform

We provide a platform for bedside assessment that can be customize for multiple methods of care including FNAST and a general version of Eat Sleep and Console. The ESC version includes caregiver education which Nursing staff can use to supplement information at huddles

Contingency Management

Our contingency management system for alcohol use disorder is in development and we would love to hear from you Working with the world’s preeminent researchers we have designed a program to monitor and measure your ability to maintain alcohol abstinence. The program is available for select Spokane residents meeting certain requirements. We provide an automated…
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