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Our Neowithdrawal training and technology supports clinicians and caregivers caring for infants diagnosed with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), also known as Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome (NOWS). Neowithdrawal can provide training for multiple methods of NAS care. It is flexible to support hospital, transitional care and post-discharge follow up. Developed with support from the National Institue on Drug Abuse, our platform is capable of customization and expansion to meet the needs of this population.

CNE Training and Competency

Our online CNE training can address the Eat Sleep and Console Rooming-in concepts or FNAST. Both programs provide competency scenarios enabling more consistent team implementation.

NAS Electronic Bedside

Our mobile bedside tool provides documention of bedside assessments, recommendations, and educational content to assist caregivers improve their non-pharmacologic care techniques.

Custom Programs

Our platform and content is customizable to accomodate specific policies or research of changes in methods for quality improvement or adjunct  treatments. We can integrate with academic and EHR systems, incorporate screening, EMA and Contingency Management.

Our Mission

We will provide accessible technology to assist those who are caring for persons affected by Substance Use Disorders (SUD). Our team has experience working with caregivers and family members who have been affected by substance use. We believe infants exposed prenatally to substances  and caregivers warrant support to enhance their outcomes and recovery path. 

Latest News 

NAS CNE Training Eat Sleep Console

Funded by NIH, MHC has developed an online CNE course for education of clinicians and parents under care for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) to support the Eat Sleep Console model[…]

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NAS Electronic Bedside Platform

We provide a platform for bedside assessment that can be customize for multiple methods of care including FNAST and a general version of Eat Sleep and Console. The ESC version[…]

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Our Team

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Kim Johnson


Fan of Barcelona, (yes even without Messi, I grew up on the Cubs and Bears) Movies, and the Maroons. Strengths include Ideation and Individualization

Maureen Shogan MN,RNC

Clinical Director

Maureen has provided clinical education training throughout the country. Go Zags

James Pettit

Senior Developer

An EWU Eagle grad, James handles development and operations of our secure environments.

Thomas Johnson

Digital Editing and Test

An Oregon Duck grad, Thomas serves as test engineer and video editor/animator. Ask him about his experiences in China or his passion for Land Cruisers

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